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60-Day FREE Trial if you signed up with APEX Driver invite code.*
30-Day FREE Trial if signed up without a code.*
Uber/Lyft Driver!  Dreaming up a better control of your time, income and rating in rideshare?
Yes, you can with an easy to use tool like APEX Driver app.


Note:  *Your account must have a current, valid debit/credit card. While you won't be charged for your free trial, you will be automatically upgraded to active Rideshare & Delivery subscription $10 a month plan or Delivery Only subscription $5 a month plan at the end of the trial period..
APEX Mobile App is NOT a transportation network company (TNC).

When completing ride reservations made on the APEX apps, it is the responsibility of the rideshare rider and driver to use the predetermined TNC app (Uber/Lyft) for the transportation part of the reservation.

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