Frequently asked questions

What are The APEX Mobile apps?

With the "APEX - Rideshare Reservation" app, Riders can request and select an Uber / Lyft driver of their choice, or their favorite driver for FREE.​ The "APEX Driver" app helps rideshare drivers have better control of their time, income, and choice in rideshare platforms to show intrest in giving rides. *APEX is NOT a TNC (Transportation Network Company) like Uber or Lyft. When completing ride reservations made on the APEX app, it is the responsibility of the rider and driver to use the predetermined TNC app for the transportation part of the reservation.

How does the APEX Rider and Driver apps work?

The booking in the APEX app works very differently as compared to options currently available in the Uber or Lyft apps. A rider sets details about the trip to include the pick up location, destination, day and time in the "APEX - Rider" app, which will then appear in the APEX Driver app. Different drivers or your favorite one can show interest for the trip. Drivers will see the basic info about the trip as soon as they get a reservation request from the rider. Once drivers show their interest, the rider can choose (in the "APEX - Rider app) the favorite or any driver who has shown interest and can pick a driver that rider likes the best based on the driver’s profile info, picture, rating and other details about the vehicle. Step 1. Rider: Make a reservation for now or later (within 30 days) on the "APEX - Rider app. Driver: If you available, show interest on the APEX Driver app. Step 2. Rider: Choose a driver in the "APEX - Rider app. Driver: Once selected by rider, you and the rider can "send messages on a chat. Step 3. Driver: When arrived at pick up location, ask the rider to initiate a trip request with the Uber or Lyft app. Then "accept" the request & "start" the trip. The trip transaction happens through the Uber or Lyft app. Rider: When your driver arrives, *open your Uber or Lyft app and initiate a trip request as you normally would. Your driver will accept the trip request, confirm arrival, and start the trip. Please ask your driver if you need any assistance. *When completing ride reservations made on the "APEX - Rideshare Reservations apps, it is the responsibility of the rideshare rider and driver to use the predetermined Transportation Network Company app (such as Uber or Lyft) for the transportation part of the reservation.

What is the cost for using the APEX Rider and Driver apps?

For Riders, It's FREE. For Drivers, It's FREE for 60 days. *** Then it"s a $10 per month Subscription

Why do drivers need the APEX Driver app?

First. the APEX Driver app can help you build regular riders/clients that want you, specifically, to drive them to their planned destinations. Earn a weekly ongoing, more predictable income. The main benefit is connecting and making better relationships for riders and you. Second. You can manage and control the time you spend in giving rides. Third. Better riders, Better ratings on TNC apps, Better ride earning and Better experiences. Fourth. Maximize your earning by promoting APEX in your local area with your APEX Invite Code. Fifth. Work smarter with APEX and earn more.

Does my profile photos and bio really matter?

Putting care into creating a good profile is essential. Think of it as your virtual business card, or mini-resume. The riders choose between different drivers that express interest in a request. They will look at and read your driver profile & bio to determine whether or not they want you to fulfill their request.

How does APEX Driver Referral Program work?

Start today! Referring people you know to drive with the APEX Driver app amd start earning referral points for credits. 1. Invite. Invite great drivers like you to sign up with APEX by sharing your APEX Driver invite code. You can find your APEX Driver invite code in the APEX Driver app. Ways to share your code: Use your APEX Driver app to send referral invites directly from your contact list. Send a personalized text message or Spread the word on social media. Reach your entire network in seconds by sharing your APEX Driver invite code on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 2. Track. Track the progress of your invitees by going to your APEX Driver app - Invite & Earn tab. 3. Earn. Earn a referral point once your invitee completes the signup and has become an Subscribed APEX Driver. Earn 1 (one) referral point monthly to the referring driver for each referred driver that maintains an active APEX Driver subscription (as an active driver). A Referred driver must also maintain an active subscription (as an active driver) to earn the referral point mentioned above. A referral point has a value of $1.00. Redemption of Referral Point will be available once there are 10 points ($10) or more.This Special promotionsl offer is only for a limited time a may change at any time.

Questions or Feedback?

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